Dental implants are no longer the future and soon will be the standard of care, don’t get left behind.

PURE PERIO helps dentists to:

  • Begin treating implant patients at their practice by bridging the gap between dental implant courses and actually placing implants. This is achieved through an in-house general practice residency (GPR)-style training program.
  • Avoid many of the pitfalls that come with offering a new service, such as ordering unneeded supplies and developing inefficient treatment plans.
  • Get it right, the first time, because this makes a difference to patients and to the bottom line.

An expert mentor and coach will:

  • Bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world
  • Provide “hands on” training to dentists and staff
  • Review cases and treat patients with dentists
  • Facilitate the successful addition of a new service

PURE PERIO helps a dentist offer a new service for patients, at an affordable price and in a profitable way for the practice.