You’ve taken the Dental Implant course and your implants and materials are collecting dust.   How do you get started placing implants in your practice? CALL PURE PERIO!!!!!!

We offer an in-house GPR style training program

When doctors complete our program dental implants are a part of their practices. Whether you are looking to place implants or restore implants we have the expertise to teach the techniques used by specialist. Why?? Because we are the specialist.

Basic surgical procedures for general dentists

Socket preservation, implant site preparation, immediate and delayed implant placement as well as restoration are covered. Our program is an 18 month commitment. We go over all of the basics, literature, 3D imaging,diagnosis,treatment planing and occlusion.

More and more patients are asking for dental implants

Dental Implants are no longer the future, they are the now. Soon to be the standard of care, don’t get left behind. Dental Implants are a significant profit booster to any practice. Many of our clients see a 25%  bottom line  increase within 18 months. Learn from the leaders with one-on-one education, PURE PERIO.

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