When You Have Gum Disease, You Have a Systemic Issue

Common conditions like diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis can be connected to gum disease in Atlanta, GA, patients.


How Gum Disease Plays a Role in Systemic Medical Problems

Gum Disease in Atlanta, GAAlthough we often think that what happens in our mouth does not affect other parts of our body, the truth is that it absolutely does. The presence of an infection, as happens with gum disease, can slowly begin to take a toll on you in other areas of your body. This is why researchers have connected gum disease to systemic issues such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Osteoporosis


It is time to take gum disease seriously?

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Gum Disease poses special risks for womenWomen Could Be at Special Risk for Gum Disease

Women may be especially likely to develop gum disease because of changing hormones. The female body undergoes many hormonal fluctuations throughout her lifetime, including during puberty, when pregnant, during menopause and after menopause. Hormonal instabilities have been linked to gum disease, and that makes it all the more important for women to ensure that they are actively getting check-ups with a dental provider.

For women who have already been diagnosed with gum disease, it is essential for treatment to begin and the condition to be maintained.


Protect the Human Body Against Constant Infections and Inflammation



How Diabetes and Gum Disease Are Related

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, there is a direct correlation between people with diabetes and people with gum disease. One factor that may be involved is that individuals who have gum disease are known to have trouble controlling the levels of blood sugar in their bodies. This may lead to complications of diabetes, or development of diabetes over time.
For diabetics living in the Atlanta metro area, it is important to get screened for gum disease. In Atlanta, GA, contact Dr. Fraser at PURE PERIO, (800) 670-0978.

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Untreated gum disease in Atlanta, GA, can have far-reaching systemic consequences. Please contact Dr. Gordon Fraser at (800) 670-0978 to discuss innovative solutions to this common dental condition.