Are your dental implant tools and materials collecting dust?


Offering new services is a necessity to growing your practice’s bottom line.

Get the Coaching You Need to Start Placing Implants

PURE PERIO will customize a training program based on your knowledge, experience and skill level. The training is lead by an expert, who not only treats patients, but provides hands on, one-on-one training for dentists. A program requires a 12-18 month commitment and our specialists go over all of the basics:

  • Literature
  • 3-D imaging
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment planning
  • Occlusion

In-house specialty care is as good as it gets! Your patients will appreciate it and attribute the great service to your office.

In addition, with PURE PERIO, your bottom line improves with every periodontal and dental implant case, because these patients are treated in your office.

Expand the Services Offered In Your Office

Become an in-house provider of periodontics, dental implants, and all types of extractions and regenerative techniques, while being trained in a very unique mentor/coaching program.

  • Build on the comfort level patients have developed from being treated at a familiar office and by a familiar staff.
  • Help your patients avoid learning a new billing or insurance claim process.
  • Demonstrate a your working relationship with a PURE PERIO specialist and remind patients that they are your TOP PRIORITY
  • Avoid the expense of learning how to offer these new services profitably by leveraging PURE PERIO’s expertise and lessons learned.

A Win-Win Situation

This in-house model is a win-win situation for your patients, your practice and PURE PERIO.

  • Patients are treated in a familiar environment by a familiar staff.–WIN!
  • Your bottom line improves each time you treat a patient in your office–WIN!
  • A PURE PERIO specialist gets to do what they love–treat patients, mentor and coach–without dealing with “Bricks and Mortar” overhead–WIN!

Patient fees are split 50/50, whether payment is received through insurance or fee for service.